Help, my ass has fallen down a well…

17 09 2007

Look at that FACE!

Don’t worry, he came out of it with just a few bruises. Story and title courtesy of the redoubtable raincoaster, who loves a good ass pun as much as I do.

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Hope he didn’t take the keys

The bad pun possibilities are endless

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Ponies in the park

27 05 2007

ponies in the park, originally uploaded by *wanderlust*.



…and one donkey. Finder’s fee to raincoaster!


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13 05 2007

Taffy and Jack

Just in time for Mothers’ Day: Taffy, a Sicilian donkey, gave birth early yesterday to Jack, a strapping, excited little guy. Taffy and Jack were at the Beacon Hill Children’s farm in Victoria BC, entertaining everyone who was fortunate enough to get a first glimpse of the new baby and his mother. Link

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The bad pun possibilities are endless

28 04 2007

Jenny …so let’s just get to the facts: a donkey named Jenny fell into a septic tank near San Antonio, and it took firefighters a couple of hours to get her out. She was unharmed but very, very dirty. More at Raincoaster’s blog.

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Hope he didn’t take the keys

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House votes to prevent commercial slaughter of wild horses and burros

26 04 2007

Wild Burros of the Owens Valley, originally uploaded by Snap Man.

The House voted Thursday to prevent the government from selling off for slaughter any wild horses and burros that roam public lands in the West.

The 277-137 vote would restore a 1971 law preventing the Bureau of Land Management from selling the animals for commercial processing.

The protection was removed in 2004 when former Sen. Conrad Burns, R-Mont., inserted a measure in a spending bill allowing their sale. Read more

I hope they’ll be looking into alternative ways of keeping the populations down, such as making it easier to adopt these critters, immunocontraception, etc. About a quarter of the mustangs and burros rounded up never find homes…

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The law is an ass

21 04 2007

The law is an ass

Faced with complaints that his donkey was too loud, attorney Gregory Shamoun decided to bring his case directly to the court: he had the donkey testify.

Buddy the donkey appeared in court Wednesday. He walked to the bench and stared at the jury, the picture of a gentle, well-mannered creature and not the loud, aggressive animal he had been accused of being.

Link via Neatorama

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Donkeys and mules on stamps

8 04 2007

Haven’t done one of these in a while…

Malta France Tajikistan Barbados Belgium Palau Palau UN Turkmenistan

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