Latawnya should just say “neigh”

17 05 2007

This bit of surrealism via BoingBoing: Latawnya the Naughty Horse Learns to Say “No” to Drugs (1991), by Sylvia Scott Gibson, ISBN 0-533-09102-0. Latawnya meets some other young horses, experiments with drugs and booze, then realizes the error of her ways and goes home to her parents, who are proud of her for making the right choices.

But what I really want to know is this: how could an animal with hooves work a cigarette lighter?!

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Book review: Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen

15 05 2007

Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen
Too Many Books, So Little Time! (amen, sister) is chock fulla great book news and reviews, so of course your ‘umble correspondent had to see if she had anything for us horse lovers. Lo and behold, Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen. Crystal gives it a thumbs up; read her review.

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Does anyone remember this book?

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Does anyone remember this book?

13 05 2007

Aaaaaages ago, when I was a young Defrost still living up north, I took a horse training book out of the library which detailed the experiences the author had with an Appy or POA named Tonka. I believe he (Tonka not the author) was a stallion, and he was definitely a leopard pattern. Anyone know what book that was? Many thanks!

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Five fives

11 05 2007

Muscles of that Strawberry Roan, originally uploaded by mveaches.

How’s that for a metapost?

1. Top five reasons not to buy your first horse at auction

2. Five steps to a great horse pasture

3. Top five myths about cutting horses

4. Around the world in five horse races

5. Five True Horse Stories by Margaret Davidson

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Horse Passages: win a copy of this new book

29 04 2007

Horse Passages

From Deliciously Clean Reads:

GUESS WHAT? I have a copy of this book in my hands! And it’s for YOU! This is how you can become the owner of this new copy of HORSE PASSAGES by Jennifer Macaire…Simply leave a comment on any Deliciously Clean Reads post between now and Monday, April 30th. Comments can be about anything, but I would appreciate if they were relevant to the book reviewed or your feelings about Clean Reads in general. Your comment must include your name (of course, it can be just a first name, or if you’re really shy, just an online alias). Names of commenters will be tossed into a hat, and I’ll announce a winner one week from today on Tuesday, May 1st.

Sorry, time’s a bit tight, but you can still make it! You can also win a saddle through one of the latest Blog Carnival entries.

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New book: The Byerley Turk

20 03 2007

The Byerley Turk

Aussie writer Jeremy James has published a new book on one of the foundation sires of the Thoroughbred breed, the Byerley Turk. Find out more here or read an extract at HorseTalk.

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New book: I Am The Great Horse

18 03 2007

i Am The Great Horse

The Gruaniad has a review of a new book by Katherine Roberts, I Am the Great Horse, which tells the story of Alexander the Great and Macedonian history through the eyes of the conqueror’s legendary horse Bucephalus. At 544 pages, it may be a bit ambitious for the average teen, but it sounds like a worthwhile read for anyone.

If you enjoy this sort of novel, you may also be interested in Traveller by Richard Adams (author of the classic Watership Down and The Plague Dogs); Publishers Weekly describes the book as “an ironic, revisionist view of the Civil War as seen by Robert E. Lee’s horse, Traveller.”

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