“White Mane” (Crin-Blanc) now out on DVD

3 05 2008

White Mane (Crin-Blanc)

Has anyone seen this 1953 flick? It’s a 40-minute, b&w film directed by Albert Lamorisse. From IMDB:

In the Camargue, France, ranchers go after wild horses led by a leader, “White Mane,” which escapes capture time after time. A small boy who witnesses the horse’s furious fight for its freedom makes friends with the horse after the trackers supposedly give him up to whomever can capture him. They change their minds when they see the boy has tamed him and take off after the horse again, with the boy on his back. Both boy and horse, fed up with the continual fight for freedom and peace, and the duplicity of men, head out to sea as the men plead with the boy to turn back. (Winner of the Cannes Grand Prize in category in 1953.)

It’s now out on DVD; KiddieMatinee.com has another short review, and more images like the one below.

Cage match!

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The Pony Lady

27 09 2007

Is anyone else totally coveting that bathtub?

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HorseGirlTV contest

16 08 2007

In Love with Her Horse, originally uploaded by Captain Suresh.

(Bet that shirt wasn’t white for long)

So, what’s HorseGirlTV?

HorseGirlTV™ is a bi-monthly show hosted by Angelea Kelly and presents international equine sports and equine athletes through entertaining and educational designs. The format is hip, happening and always horse related. Tune in. Tack up.™ It’s not what you think!

Anyway, you can win stuff:

Vote for your favorite episode, tell us why you like it and automatically be entered to win prizes!

Simply click on the button below the vidcast that says “Vote & Win!” to vote for your favorite episode. You can vote as many times as you’d like to increase your chances of winning. Incomplete or duplicated comments will not be thrown in the hat but repeat email addresses and names are accepted. Winners will be drawn from a top hat and announced in the next episode. The grand prize winner will receive a pair of FITS™ Riding Breeches valued at $210. Our runner up winners will receive a HorseGirlTV t-shirt or coffee mug!

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20 06 2007

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Pic of the day

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Thumbelina honoured for her charity work

4 06 2007

Thumbelina and Michael Goessling

Thumbelina, the world’s smallest horse, was in New York City recently receiving honours for her charity work. Owner Michael Goessling is touring America with her to raise money for the Thumbelina Foundation, which raises money and awareness for children around the world. Link Watch a short video of her here.

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The truth about ring crews?

11 05 2007

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Caveat emptor

11 05 2007

Keep watching right to the end…

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