Say it with a quagga

5 05 2008

Love is in the air - set of 4 cute kitsch notecards and envelopes

Check out these adorable notecards from Etsy seller EnfinLaVoila: “This is a Photoshop montage I made with antique baroque prints. Can you resist?” You know you can’t. Get ’em here.

(“But Defrost, what’s a quagga?”)

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Gucci’s 85th anniversary horse

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Bits and bobs

5 05 2008

The elements

Isn’t that one of the most arresting horse photos you’ve ever seen? It was taken by Wojtek Kwiatkowski; see a bigger version here along with more of his fantastic work.

And, er, um, hi again. 🙂 Yeah, I’m back, and I do plan and sticking around for a bit this time; I’ve got several articles I’m researching at the moment, which will be posted in due course along with the usual drivel and filler. 😉 Might even be a book giveaway/contest in the future! It was gratifying to see that even while I was away, Bridlepath was still garnering several hundred (or more) hits a day; thank you all for reading it, adding it to your blogroll, telling your friends and so on. I’m catching up on updating my links, so if you asked for one, it will appear. Soon. Ish.

A few people have asked me about the header image I’m using. It’s The Horse Fair (1853-55) by French artist Rosa Bonheur. The full painting is below; click to embiggen.

So, now that I’m back…anything I should know about? What would you like to see more of? Less of?

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Speaking of fugly…

16 08 2007


Check out this sculpture in Russia. Even more pix

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A different kind of wooden horse

16 08 2007

How time-consuming is *that*?!

From kiwipulse via Digg:

On August 8, 41 year-old Albania artist Saimir Strati works on a portrait of the steed at the International Centre of Culture in Tirana. It is reported that Saimir Strati is attempting to use 1 million toothpicks to mount a steed chart together on 8 square meters board. He is known for working on a portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci using industrial nails at the International Centre of Culture in Tirana.

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Embroidered prints and cards

8 06 2007

Check out these cute prints and cards by California artists Saelee Oh and Jill Bliss. Yep, they’re hand-embroidered. Link

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Moscow monument

30 05 2007

This rather arresting art appeared in Moscow recently as a tribute to the writer Michail Sholokhov; no idea who the artist is. Link with more photos.

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Kinetic horse sculpture

24 05 2007

Thanks to raincoaster for finding the coolest stuff!

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Horse statue stolen from art exhibition in Florida

2 05 2007

Kinda tacky, actually

Last month I told you about equine art and artists in Florida; now someone’s gone and nicked the life-sized “Light Years” statue which was standing outside the DeLand Museum of Art. Can’t imagine how you’d sneak off with something like that, unnoticed. Link

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World’s largest equine sculpture proposed in Scotland

26 04 2007

Heed, mon!
A plan to create the world’s largest horse sculptures is taking shape in the workshop of one of Scotland’s leading artists.

The 35-meter (114-foot) high “Kelpie” heads are based on the mythical Scots creatures of the same name and are the brainchild of British Waterways and internationally acclaimed sculptor Andy Scott.

But the giant heads, each equal in size to the world renowned Falkirk Wheel visitor attraction, would be more than just impressive works of art. The functional sculptures, complete with flowing manes, would form an integral part of an ingenious boat lift mechanism at the eastern entrance to the Forth and Clyde canal, with the two heads slowly rocking back and forth to displace water from a lock chamber thereby allowing boats to move to and from Scotland’s lowland canal network.

Scott is currently creating two one-tenth scale steel maquettes (models), which will be used to help generate support for this ambitious project. The creation of the 3.5-meter (11-foot) high models involves welding thousands of small steel plates over a prepared steel skeleton. The skeleton itself will eventually be removed to leave a steel mosaic.

Andy, whose father hailed from Falkirk, has a long association with equine sculpture, having created the landmark “Heavy Horse” which sits proudly at the side of the M8 between Glasgow and Edinburgh, and various other world renowned equine pieces in Australia and Spain.

“Heavy Horse” by Andy Scott Image source

The Kelpie theme was chosen not only for the role of the mythical water horse in waterway folklore but also to pay respect to the role of the heavy horse throughout Scottish history. The theme is made even more poignant by the fact that Falkirk was home to the largest Clydesdale horse in U.K. history.

Andy is currently working night and day in his studio in Maryhill in Glasgow to ensure that the impressive steel maquettes are ready for public display at the end of May.

The heads will form part of a bid to a lottery fund for The HELIX project, an ambitious initiative which could transform the landscape between Falkirk and Grangemouth into a thriving environmental community and tourism asset for Scotland.

Work to create the massive Kelpie heads could begin at the end of the year if the project gets the green light.

To find out more about The HELIX and to get involved visit

Story link

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Equine art and artists in Florida

5 04 2007

Juliet God, I hate reporters and their stupid horse puns…

Mr. Ed had a pretty good gig in the olden days — some say a mouthful of peanut butter made the horse a star. But even in his heyday, the famous talking horse had nothing on a trio of equine artists now making their marks on the art world.

Using their mouths to wield oversized brushes, the horses make broad, looping and sometimes erratic strokes on oversized canvases to create colorful abstract paintings.

Romeo and Juliet, a pair of Paso Finos, and DaVinci, a mixed-breed pinto, were unknowns just a few years ago, but now their art is getting noticed.

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The Madara Rider of Bulgaria

20 03 2007

The relief depicts a majestic horseman 23 m above ground level in an almost vertical 100-metre-high cliff. The horseman, facing right, is thrusting a spear into a lion lying at his horse’s feet. An eagle is flying in front of the horseman and a dog is running after him. The scene symbolically depicts a military triumph.


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Equine art roundup

20 03 2007

Some lovely images posted over at Terramia. Have a look through her archives as well; this is one of those great “eye candy” blogs.

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Mark Jenkins’ tape sculptures

14 03 2007

As reported on BoingBoing: “Prankster ‘tape sculpture’ artist Mark Jenkins recently redecorated the Thomas Circle traffic circle in Washington DC with cling wrap horses to create a merry-go-round. The horses are stationary but you circle around them in your car. If you’d like to learn how to make your own tape sculpture, Mark also maintains a tutorial site with step-by-step directions.” Link

Just 5.9 kilograms per horsepower

6 03 2007

Found at Funny ad campaign of the Golf GTI series by VW.

The text on the ads reads:  Just 5.9 kilograms per horsepower. The Golf GTI Edition 30.

Two more ads after the jump.

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Cartoons and fine arts

6 03 2007

Here’s a fantastic Worth1000 photoshop contest called Art of the Cel, where cartoons are inserted into classic works of art! Link via Neatorama.

Desperate Ride

Two more pics after the jump.

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