World’s first cloned horse has a foal (the old-fashioned way)

5 05 2008

Prometea, a cloned Haflinger mare, gave birth to Pegaso on March 17; full story here. Interesting that her creator, Professor Cesare Galli, has faced criminal and religious sanctions for his reproductive research. Anyone know what legal grounds Italian authorities would have for seizing a cloned bull?

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Police horse clocks out early

4 05 2008

Aldo, you scamp

(Image source)

From The Gothamist:

After getting spooked and throwing its mounted officer yesterday, Aldo the police horse managed to make its way home to the station house at 6th Ave. and Ericcson Pl. Aldo freaked out at the sound of screeching brakes in Soho yesterday afternoon, causing him to throw his rider, who was taken to St. Vincent’s with minor injuries. After getting the cop off his back, Aldo ran free through the streets before ambling about ten blocks home. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne says that Aldo “knows his turf.”

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Eight Belles

3 05 2008

Eight Belles

(Image source: New York Times)

I know. I know. Go read these:

Why we care…or not

Please don’t create a cult around her

Read this one twice:

Breeding out the usefulness?

UPDATE: oh hello Washington Post, nice of you to ask the same questions… 😉

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Help, my ass has fallen down a well…

17 09 2007

Look at that FACE!

Don’t worry, he came out of it with just a few bruises. Story and title courtesy of the redoubtable raincoaster, who loves a good ass pun as much as I do.

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Belgium, horses, and shrimp (oh my)

26 08 2007

Shrimpers on horseback

Image source

As dying trades go, Belgium’s horseback shrimp fishery must be among the most arcane and outdated.

Men in bright yellow overalls and sou’-westers ride their plodding workhorses across the sands into the North Sea at low tide to trawl for shrimps in just the way that their forefathers have done for more than 500 years.

There are now fewer than a dozen left of the hundreds who once plied the same trade all around the North Sea — in France, the Netherlands and Britain.

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The arabbers return!

16 08 2007

Days after they were evicted from a condemned stable in Baltimore 51 horses and ponies that pull arabber fruit and vegetable carts returned to Baltimore today.

They’ll stay in a temporary stable at Pimlico Race Course while a permanent replacement is sought for the arabber stable, one of three remaining in the city. They at first moved to a stable in Bowie before being brought to Pimlico this afternoon.

Arabbers have been a part of Baltimore street life for decades, peddling produce and seafood on horse-drawn carriages. However, less than a dozen arabbers work the streets of Baltimore today.

The city condemned the horses’ former home last week after inspectors discovered structural problems, filth, rodent infestation and trash blocking exits. Link

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Horse 1, cow 0

16 08 2007

Cutting, originally uploaded by photobassman.

A horse has been credited with saving the life of a woman attacked by an angry cow in Scotland.

The horse’s deeds were reported in The Scotsman newspaper.

The farmer, Fiona Boyd, 40, was reportedly attempting to reunite a cow with its calf in a herd.

The Scotsman reported that the cow attacked when it sighted its calf just as Mrs Boyd approached the young animal.

The cow knocked her to the ground and then put its full weight on top of her.

Mrs Boyd’s 15-year-old chestnut mare came to her aid, kicking at the cow to make it move. She was able to crawl to safety while the mare continued kicking out at the cow.

Mrs Boyd was treated at hospital for bad cuts and bruising. Link

I’d have linked directly to The Scotsman‘s article of August 14, but they want you to register. Why do news sites do that? They can go stuff themselves as far as that goes.

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