New stamp design proposed

26 04 2007


The Round-Up Association (Pendleton, Oregon) is hoping to let its bucking horse kick on letters across the nation.

On April 16, the association applied to the U.S. Postal Service’s Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee to put the Round-Up logo on a stamp for the 2010 Centennial Rodeo. Read more

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Donkeys and mules on stamps

8 04 2007

Haven’t done one of these in a while…

Malta France Tajikistan Barbados Belgium Palau Palau UN Turkmenistan

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Mythical horses on stamps

9 01 2007

We will assume for the sake of this post that unicorns are horses. 😉 This is another image-heavy post; click through to see the whole thing.


Sierra Leone


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Zebras on stamps

12 11 2006


Zebra - Kenya

Hrm, I always thought equids had foals, not calves…?

Zebra - DDR Zebra - Botswana Zebra - Zambia

This is a very image-heavy post; click through to see the rest.

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Horses on stamps: Angola

10 11 2006

Cavalos do mondo

Cavalos do mundo

Cavalos do mondo



Przewalski horse

Horses on stamps: Libya

15 10 2006


Horses on stamps: Kampuchea

1 10 2006

Shire horse




Vladimir Heavy Draught

Italian Heavy Draught


Carriage and four

Another Vladimir Heavy Draught

Horses on stamps: Tuva

8 09 2006


Horses on stamps: Germany

20 08 2006

The World Equestrian Games start today! Thus, here is an extra-special helping of stamps; the first two are from East Germany.

And if you’re still in a sporting mood, you can take the poll

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Horses on stamps update

18 08 2006

Just wanted to let y’all know that I’ve added some new stamps to the gallery, so have a look: Horses on Stamps.

Horses on stamps: Canada

11 08 2006

Note that the last two depict Sable Island fauna.

Horses on stamps: Tanzania

30 07 2006

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Horses on stamps: Poland

24 07 2006

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Horses on stamps: Iceland

19 07 2006

Horses on stamps: Jersey

19 07 2006

Isn’t this gorgeous?! This stamp from the Bailiwick of Jersey is one of my favourites.

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