Tired of the same old trail rides? Try Peru

4 06 2007

Horse and Wrangler, originally uploaded by fimayf.

The British Horse Society has announced its latest equestrian fundraising experience, for those who are bored with “hacking around the block”.

The Inca Challenge to Peru, October 25-20, takes riders on ancient Inca trails winding along sacred valleys and over high, mountain passes, through a region rich in natural wonders and cultural heritage.

There is great potential for those in search of adventure with the unique challenge being to ride the ancient Inca trails that lead through mountains to Machu Picchu.

Wendy Minor, BHS Challenge Administrator, said: “This is a fantastic adventure and a real challenge whether you are a riding-hiker or hiking-rider! Riding through the Peruvian Andes reveals a highland region that is rich in cultural heritage and natural wonders.”

The BHS Riding Challenges help raise funds to assist with the running costs of the BHS’s welfare work. Link

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California man rides around the world for charity

14 05 2007


Ezra Cooley (awesome name for a cowboy btw) and his horse Big Red are on a 27,000 mile around the world ride. He is in his second year of what he expects to take eight years, raising funds for the National Children’s Cancer Society. At the moment they’re near Binghamton, NY, headed for New York City and then a boat to Spain. Link

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New Zealand cavalcade nearing the end of its journey

7 03 2007

Our intrepid New Zealand friends will be in Picton after the weekend; they’ll have raised over $8000 for charity. Story here and here; please visit their blog too.

Down, across and up again

6 02 2007

Those New Zealanders just won’t stay at home, will they? Genevieve and Kerrin Revell will circumnavigate New Zealand on horseback to raise money for CanTeen while making a documentary series. They plan on going down, across and up again with their horses Daisy, Xena, Charlie and Falkor, and you can follow their adventures via their blog.

Lee Crafton update

3 02 2007

In November I told you about Lee Crafton, who was driving a pair of Suffolk Punches from Montana to Boston. They’ve made it to Minnesota already; story and video.

New Zealand horses doing their part for charity

3 02 2007

A horse-powered charity fundraiser trotting up the South Island could have motorists thinking they have driven back in time.

The cavalcade will be on the road for more than a month, testing the stamina of both horses and riders.

About 30 horses and as many people are on the road, raising money for the Lion Rescue Helicopter which they say does a lot for horse people in the back country.

Five wagons and saddle-sore riders are taking six weeks to plod from Bluff to Picton. Link (with video)

Horse news in brief, 2007-01-27

27 01 2007

Bailando a los saltos, originally uploaded by Eduardo Amorim.

Researchers are studying antibiotic-resistant staph in horses and humans…

Texas slaughterhouses continue to process horse meat for zoos and pet food…

Horse statues in Chicago have been wrapped with Bears-logo blankets in honour of the team’s upcoming Superbowl game…

Among the bizarre insurance claims received by Norwich Union (UK) last year: horses tried to eat a parked car…

One of Scotland’s most famous police horses has died in retirement after clocking up the longest track record of any equestrian public servant…

Someone’s been shooting horses in eastern Kentucky…

The trial of a doctor charged with injecting race horses with vodka is set to resume March 29 in Nebraska…

Seven women have embarked on a tour of the United Arab Emirates on horseback to spread awareness of Arabian horse traditions and raise money for charities…

Love the pink bridle



Life on the trail in New Zealand

6 12 2006

Keith Roberts’ partner told him he was spending more time with his horse than her and that he should leave. He did, and for the past six years Keith, 58 and his faithful Connemara/Clydesdale Zara, 26, have wandered New Zealand roads. He’s owned Zara for 21 years.

“I sold my house in Auckland, got rid of all my belongings and hit the road, it was an enormous relief,” he said.

His two adult daughters told him to “go for it”.

The length and breadth of New Zealand has been travelled 2½ times since November 2000.

Read the rest of the story

Doesn’t she look great for 26? I’d love to ride through New Zealand myself someday.

Montana man on the journey of a lifetime

20 11 2006

Lee Crafton

After being diagnosed with lymphoma last year, horse logger Lee Crafton decided to take a long, slow trip. He packed up a covered wagon pulled by his two Suffolk Punches, Tom and Max, andset off for Boston to see his childhood sweetheart. Read more about Lee and his journey at the Crookston Times, and at his website, Lee the Horse Logger.

Ride for Dreams update

10 08 2006

Kimball Foord and Cody's Triple RevengeSadly, Kimball Foord and his QH Cody have had to call off their cross-country trek to raise money for CANTRA (see Ride for Dreams, June 26), due to Kimball’s wife becoming ill. He’s returned to Guelph to be with her, but vows to continue the ride when he can. Foord and Cody set out from Guelph on May 6th and traversed Ontario, making it almost to the Manitoba border before the ride was interrupted. You can post your good wishes on his blog, and show your support by making a donation to CANTRA.

Ride for Dreams

26 06 2006

Kimball Foord and Cody's Triple Revenge

Over at Ride for Dreams, you can follow the progress of Kimball Foord, his QH gelding Cody, and Australian Shepherd Cheyenne as they trek across Canada to raise money for CanTRA(Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association). The pair set out from Guelph on May 6, 2006 and as of today they’re in northern Ontario. Interesting that on this CanTRA page Foord says that not all sections of the Trans Canada Trail are open to horses, who have less impact on the environment than mechanized vehicles, yet snowmobiles and ATVs are allowed.

Pilgrim journey for Alzheimer’s

20 05 2006

A woman from Kent has set off on a charity horse trek along an ancient pilgrim route through Europe.

Mefo Phillips, from Faversham, is riding her horse Leo from Canterbury to Vatican City, following the route of the Via Francigena.

It passes through France, Switzerland and Italy.

Mrs Phillips hopes to raise £10,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society. Her mother died last year after being diagnosed with the disease.

“Seeing her decline with Alzheimer’s was heartbreaking,” she said.

“I wanted to do something that could help others avoid going through the same thing.”

Archbishop Sigeric

Mrs Phillips left Canterbury Cathedral on Wednesday and aims to complete the 1,200-mile (1,931km) route to Vatican City by July.

The Via Francigena was first documented by a 10th Century Archbishop of Canterbury called Sigeric on his return from Rome.

Mrs Phillips’ husband is driving behind her with a horsebox, although she and Leo will have to pass some of the more remote trails through the Alps without vehicle support.

She wrote a book about a previous pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain and she plans to write about her current journey as well.

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