Say it with a quagga

5 05 2008

Love is in the air - set of 4 cute kitsch notecards and envelopes

Check out these adorable notecards from Etsy seller EnfinLaVoila: “This is a Photoshop montage I made with antique baroque prints. Can you resist?” You know you can’t. Get ’em here.

(“But Defrost, what’s a quagga?”)

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Gucci’s 85th anniversary horse

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Embroidered prints and cards

8 06 2007

Check out these cute prints and cards by California artists Saelee Oh and Jill Bliss. Yep, they’re hand-embroidered. Link

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New product: the Whip Clip

20 05 2007


Here’s a handy little thing you can slide into your boot or half-chap which gives you a place to stash your crop if need be. Website

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Things you can buy, part two

17 05 2007


How about this pretty plate? They also have a rather nice glass tumbler too.


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Gucci’s 85th anniversary horse


Things you can buy, part one

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Things you can buy, part one

15 05 2007


Mooi makes this horse lamp, which is available through Unica for ONLY $4389 US. You can get a real horse for that kind of money. 😉 Link

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Gucci’s 85th anniversary horse


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Happy Easter!

8 04 2007

Image source

What’s Easter without chocolate?

Pony Express Gifts

Lots more chocolatey goodness after the jump.

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The vengeful unicorn

14 03 2007

Take THAT, hateful mime!

A great office accessory, or perhaps a warning for that irritating mime in your life. From Archie McPhee: “Everyone wants an imaginary unicorn friend that they can call forth to smite their enemies. The Avenging Unicorn Play Set has everything you need to use the power of the unicorn to rid your life of irritations. Put the posable, 3-3/4″ tall, hard vinyl unicorn on a flat surface and then impale one of three 3-1/8″ tall, soft vinyl figures included (businessman/boss, new age lady and mime). Also includes four interchangeable horns (classic spiral, chrome, glow and pearlescent).” Vengeance can be yours for only $12.95 (US) plus shipping.

Breyer to reissue Barbaro model due to overwhelming demand

3 03 2007

Barbaro Breyer

Bowing to phenomenal demand for the critter, which had only been available from October 1 2006 to January 1 2007, Breyer announced that it will be reissuing the Barbaro model. If you missed it last time, now’s your chance.

Breyer’s Barbaro portrait model will be available for purchase through 6:00 p.m. Eastern time on April 2, 2007 at Breyer’s website at or call 1-800-735-9205. The price is $45 plus $8 each shipping and handling, limit two (2) per household or address. The model will begin shipping in July 2007 when Barbaro models will also be available from retailers. Ten dollars from the sale of each model will be donated to the Laminitis Fund at The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine. The Barbaro model will include a certificate of authenticity signed by trainer Michael Matz, jockey Edgar Prado, surgeon Dr. Dean Richardson and Anthony Fleischmann, President of Reeves International, Inc. Each model will have Barbaro’s name stamped on the belly in gold ink. It will be packed in a customized, four-color Breyer® box featuring pictures and the story of his career. I’d order right away if you want one. To download an order form click here:

To make an additional donation to the Fund to Fight Laminitis, please visit:


1 03 2007

Do you mean it this time?

Found this awesome mousepad at Carolyn’s site, which urges “Window Shop-Aholics Unite!”


21 01 2007

“Barding” refers to the armour and ornament on a medieval-era horse:

Japanese horse armour
Japanese horse armour

You can read a little about the history of barding here; she also has instructions for making your own (make sure your pop-up blocker is on first)

16thc. German barding

Here’s an example of barding from Germany, circa 1537, also with instructions for making your own.

If you’re not the crafty sort, Hightower Crafts has medieval-style saddles, stirrups, barding and chamfrons (heavy leather masks attaching to the bridle).

If you’re not into the re-enactment scene, you could (with a few modifications) have a way to transport donuts and spare horseshoes on those long trail rides:

Check out this spettaculary set from Mansour Designs:


Franga Designs also has some neat stuff; their new online catalogue is now up!

Finally, Brad Gorby at Geeb-o-rama takes us through the making of Breyer horse barding:

Clydesdales celebrated in song

30 10 2006

MusicScotland offers a collection of songs on the specific subject of the ‘gentle giants’ — Clydesdale horses — sadly no longer part of the rural scene.

The project is produced by Robin Laing and consists of previously recorded songs plus others specially recorded and engineered by Davie Scott for the project.

Gucci’s 85th anniversary horse

1 08 2006

Charles and Marie report that Gucci has come out with a stuffed leather horse in honour of the company’s 85th anniversary (they started out making tack, don’tchaknow). This little cutie can be yours for a mere $1095 (US) or £500 (UK). If you’d prefer something a little less upscale, there’s always this… 😉

Bits, bridles and bling?

24 07 2006

Some very wild tack and accessories available these days. At Cowgirl Bling, you can order a western breastcollar with blinking lights. Great for those late-night rodeos, I guess. 😉 Actually, it’s not a bad safety feature either if you’re riding at night…

Cowgirl Bling also offers halters with Swarovski crystals and other wild stuff, while Horse Lovers Outlet will custom-make your tack with any combination of colours, studs, rhinestones, etc. if you can’t find exactly what you want. How about some diamond crystals on a brightly coloured halter?
English riders need not feel left out! Equestrian Collections offers blingy bug muffs, decorated browbands and glitzy saddle pads too. You’ll probably want to make sure they coordinate with your stirrup irons and spurs. Dover has some browbands as well. You can also carry a crystal-embedded crop, add crystals to your helmet or gloves, or get custom bling added to a pad.

While it isn’t particularly shiny, this “flower power” pad will certainly get you noticed. If that’s a little too much, how about these adorable Thelwell pads?

We may have hit the bling motherlode over at Jenny OZ: more sparkly helmet covers than you can shake a crystal-studded crop at. Of particular note: the sparkly hoof picks and brushes. For only $55 a pop you can have the most glamourous grooming tools in the barn.

Found any more strange, cool, twinkly goodness? Please post a comment and tell us where you found it.

Edit: I think the dog knows more than he’s letting on. (scroll down a bit to see what I mean–this is one of my favourite blogs btw)

Edit #2: Victory Canter also offers Equicharms to hang on your tack…

Barbaro immortalized by Breyer

20 07 2006

Barbaro Breyer

Breyer has created a Barbaro model, with proceeds going to the New Bolton Center at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine. You can download an order form here (it’s a PDF). The models will begin shipping October 1, 2006.

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