Merry Christmas from Bridlepath!

25 12 2007

Hope this message finds you well.

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Get a free bumper sticker

17 09 2007


If you sign up for a free membership and include your physical address, we’ll sent you a “May the Horse Be With You” bumper sticker. But if you forgot to include your address (or choose not to), here’s how to request stickers.

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Are your house and barn prepared?

26 08 2007

Check out pluralized’s great photostream at Flickr

From Nan at

September is National Preparedness Month. is inviting all equestrian related businesses, non-profit groups, bloggers and horse owners to participate in the Raise Awareness for Home and Barn Preparedness campaign.

To help educate horse owners will distribute an online preparedness toolkit for businesses to use to promote horse owner emergency planning. The tool kit includes PDF files that may be downloaded or posted on your website, links to videos, a list of resources and events for the month and more. Preparedness Partners will be featured on the website.

To become a Preparedness Partner, register at

About is dedicated to helping horse owners be ready in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. Their mission is to bring awareness of safety issues to the equestrian facility by providing quality educational materials through its website and podcasts.

About National Preparedness Month 2007

National Preparedness Month is a nationwide coordinated effort sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security each September to encourage Americans to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses and schools. More information is available at

This September will be the fourth annual National Preparedness Month. For the first time, the month will focus on different areas of emergency preparedness:

September 1-8; Back-to-School (Ready Kids)
September 9-15; Business preparedness (Ready Business)
September 16-22; Multicultural preparedness (Listo Campaign)
September 23-30; Home and family preparedness, including pets, older Americans and those individuals with disabilities and special needs (Ready America)

Photos available upon request.

Media Contact:
Nan Bowman

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And he’s easy to feed, too

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Information wants to be free…

19 08 2007

Ataturk on horse, this is momument to the Turkish War for Independence, originally uploaded by meiguoren.

Even in Turkey. Especially in Turkey. Digg this (pun intended) by my sister blogger-in-arms Raincoaster: WordPress is blocked by Turkey(s): a blogger’s revenge plan of action.

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Equilink, the equine search engine

13 06 2007

Click to enlarge

Equilink is a brand new search engine dedicated to all things equine. From their press release:

  • New horse enthusiasts can make far more informed selections, while established horse lovers will be thrilled by the depth and breadth of its superbly organized search results.
  • Users can drill down by state and city, so finding geographically accurate results is a cinch!
  • Equilink’s dedication to preventing click fraud is unparalleled in the search engine universe.
  • Equilink’s mission is to give back to the equine community. As such, 10% of all Equilink’s net proceeds will be used to support equine retirement & rescue sanctuaries and medical research, unlike any other search engine.

I like this, and I think you will too. Check it out!

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And he’s easy to feed, too

5 06 2007


The South Wales fire department has acquired Lucky, a fully articulated rubber horse, to help in their animal rescue training program. The 15-hand model cost about 4700 pounds or $10,000 Canadian, but hey, no farrier bills… Link

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Get your big rig license for one-third the cost

5 06 2007

Big wheels keep on turnin'

Worcester News reports that The British Horse Society, in conjunction with HGV (heavy goods vehicle) recruiters Clearstone and the Skills for Logistics organization, is offering 150 women in the horse industry a chance to obtain an HGV driving licence at only a third of the usual rate. This means you’ll be able to drive one of those big ol’ horseboxes which would be a boon for anyone working in the equine industry. More info

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Amish horses and carriages on Google Earth

4 06 2007

Eighteenth-century technology as spotted with the latest in satellite imagery. Ain’t it spooky what those eyes in the sky can do now? Get the scoop at Google Earth Blog.

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Britain establishes protocol to aid horses in emergency situations

20 05 2007

Check out pluralized’s great photostream at Flickr

An emergency services protocol and fund to help horses caught up in accidents was launched on Tuesday at Buckingham Palace. HRH The Princess Royal presented the protocol which was created by The British Horse Society (BHS) and the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA). The protocol, which came about due to the rising number of horses dying slow, painful deaths in widely reported accidents on the roads, sets out a national standard with procedural guidelines for police and fire services with large animal rescue. The aim of the new code is to minimise delays in injured animals receiving veterinary care, to maximise the chances of a positive outcome for the animal and to ensure the safety of all those involved. Link

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Let’s talk about breeds!

17 05 2007

From Juli Thorson’s Horse Talk:

Suppose we got to sit down together for a chat about horse breeds, favored and unfavored. How would you complete the following?

Arabians are….

Appaloosas are….

Miniature Horses are….

Quarter Horses are….

Paints are….

I just plucked those five out of thin air; we could talk about other breeds at some point, too. But for now, go ahead and free-associate for the first five. Could be an interesting conversation!

I think this could be a fascinating dialogue, and I’ll be watching that post closely to see it develop. (Please send your comments to Juli’s post, not Bridlepath; I’m leery of those mustang people now)

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Happy Mother’s Day!

13 05 2007

Comforted, originally uploaded by ObedientMuse.

If you’re lucky enough to still have a mum, tell her you love her today.

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Yes, that could hold a lot of Greeks

19 04 2007

but who'd want to?!

Found this giant Trojan horse at stromdotcom; anyone know where it actually is?

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Fröhliche Ostern!

10 04 2007

Young pilgrims dressed in traditional Bavarian clothes ride during the traditional Georgi horse riding procession on Easter Monday in the southern Bavarian town of Traunstein April 9, 2007. Since the early 16th century, farmers have taken part in the pilgrimage to bless their horses. The roots of this tradition go back to the legend of Saint George, the horsemen’s patron saint. Link

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Downloadable equine sounds

25 03 2007

teh whinny, originally uploaded by Muzzlehatch.

Many thanks to the inestimable Kathryn for letting me know about this site, full of downloadable equine sounds in .wav or .aif format. The descriptions are great: “A short welcome whinny with a nicker from a second horse”, “Short blowy exhaled snort” and “This blustery snort turns into an inhaled roar.” Beats “You’ve got mail” any day.

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Pony Friends on their way

27 02 2007

Pony Friends

From Gamersquad:

Nintendogs, the massively successful virtual canine simulator on the Nintendo DS has caused a sudden surge in third-party developers wanting to cash in on the title’s extensive popularity. Thus far we’ve had Catz, Dogz and Hamsterz from Ubisoft, and then there’s Purr Pals, which is inbound to the DS, and November last year saw Eidos Interactive announce that it was working on Pony Friends – also for the Nintendo DS.

The title, developed by Tantalus, a company based in Australia, features six pony breeds for lucky players to care for. The animals need grooming, petting, and feeding to remain contented, though there’s no mention in any press releases that the chance to muck out stables using the Nintendo DS stylus is on offer. Fear not, because the stylus is instead used to, and we quote, “remove stones from your pony’s shoes.” Oh, yes.

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