Multumesc; drive through

6 05 2008

Found at The Similepedia Blog; I believe the photo was taken in Romania. (Multumesc = thank you)

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The amazing Horse-o-Phonic!

…and could you pick some carrots out of a salad?

What can I say?!

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Crush it good

4 05 2008

humorous pictures


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The Pony Lady

27 09 2007

Is anyone else totally coveting that bathtub?

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Yoo, hoo, parents…

28 08 2007

This might not be the best idea you ever had.

(See also: Baby’s Named a Bad, Bad Thing)

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A different kind of wooden horse

16 08 2007

How time-consuming is *that*?!

From kiwipulse via Digg:

On August 8, 41 year-old Albania artist Saimir Strati works on a portrait of the steed at the International Centre of Culture in Tirana. It is reported that Saimir Strati is attempting to use 1 million toothpicks to mount a steed chart together on 8 square meters board. He is known for working on a portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci using industrial nails at the International Centre of Culture in Tirana.

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20 06 2007

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Pic of the day

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Bouncy bouncy

13 06 2007

Remember when I used to post relevant, well-researched, educational stuff about horses? (Yeah, me neither) This isn’t one of those posts. Check out this…odd bouncy castle! Link via BoingBoing by way of guess who.

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