“White Mane” (Crin-Blanc) now out on DVD

3 05 2008

White Mane (Crin-Blanc)

Has anyone seen this 1953 flick? It’s a 40-minute, b&w film directed by Albert Lamorisse. From IMDB:

In the Camargue, France, ranchers go after wild horses led by a leader, “White Mane,” which escapes capture time after time. A small boy who witnesses the horse’s furious fight for its freedom makes friends with the horse after the trackers supposedly give him up to whomever can capture him. They change their minds when they see the boy has tamed him and take off after the horse again, with the boy on his back. Both boy and horse, fed up with the continual fight for freedom and peace, and the duplicity of men, head out to sea as the men plead with the boy to turn back. (Winner of the Cannes Grand Prize in category in 1953.)

It’s now out on DVD; KiddieMatinee.com has another short review, and more images like the one below.

Cage match!

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Stranded foal rescued

13 06 2007

It's OK, little guy

The Northern Horse blog has a great story about a wild foal being rescued from a shoal in the Red Deer River in Alberta. Link (with better pictures!) via Wild Horses of Alberta.

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Wild horse roundup in Spain

13 06 2007


Men catch a horse during the “Rapa Das Bestas” event in Mougas, northwestern Spain. Throughout the summer, hundreds of wild horses are rounded up, trimmed and groomed in different villages in Galicia. Link

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House votes to prevent commercial slaughter of wild horses and burros

26 04 2007

Wild Burros of the Owens Valley, originally uploaded by Snap Man.

The House voted Thursday to prevent the government from selling off for slaughter any wild horses and burros that roam public lands in the West.

The 277-137 vote would restore a 1971 law preventing the Bureau of Land Management from selling the animals for commercial processing.

The protection was removed in 2004 when former Sen. Conrad Burns, R-Mont., inserted a measure in a spending bill allowing their sale. Read more

I hope they’ll be looking into alternative ways of keeping the populations down, such as making it easier to adopt these critters, immunocontraception, etc. About a quarter of the mustangs and burros rounded up never find homes…

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Ponies need to go

17 04 2007

OMG ponies! 

Twelve Exmoor ponies are having to leave their home at Coates Common, near Fittleworth.

The herd has been grazing the Lord’s Piece area of the common for the last eight or nine years, after English Nature – now Natural England – advised the owner, the Barlavington Estate, that they would control scrub growth.

Estate manager Stanley Mayes, who is now retired, collected the original seven from Exmoor and has since bred the other five.

He said: “I have now been told they are interfering with the colony of crickets on the common and must go. As I put them there, I have the job of getting rid of them.” Link

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Extreme makeover, horse edition

5 04 2007

Trainers from across America are invited to participate in the “Extreme Mustang Makeover”. Trainers will pick up the Mustangs at either the Fallon Facility in Nevada or the Paul’s Valley facility near Oklahoma City. They will have the Mustangs in training until Saturday, September 22, 2007. On that date trainers will compete with their Mustang for $25,000 in prize money at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center in Fort Worth, Texas. The trained Mustangs will be judged on conditioning, groundwork and a “Horse Course” which represents maneuvers and obstacles found in trail and recreational riding situations.All mustangs participating in the Makeover event will be available for adoption to the public on Sunday, September 23rd. Link

I dunno about this…but the mustangs will be worked with all summer, so it shouldn’t be a high-pressure situation. Anyone out there thinking of giving this a whirl?

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License plates to help wild horses

25 02 2007

Niiiice. Too bad I don't have a car. Or live in Nevada

Sally Summers displays the original painting that will be used for a wild horse plate before testifying Jan. 22 before the commission on specialty license plates. It was created by wildlife artists Jim McKew and Kelly Six.

Not content with merely honouring wild horses on coins, Nevada has gone a step further and added a wild horse and burro design as an option on state license plates. Proceeds from the plates, which should be available in a few months, will go to the nonprofit group Horse Power. Link

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