DIY zebra

22 12 2006

DIY zebra

Found at Bits & Pieces. I have no idea what the story is here. 🙂


Have you seen Zebastian?

17 12 2006


Cryptomundo reports that Zebastian, a zebra/horse hybrid, went missing from an Alberta farm around the beginning of December and is believed to still be at large. Imagine finding this critter in your backyard one frosty morning! (but if you do, call the RCMP and don’t try to catch him; he’s said to be unpredictable)

Zebras on stamps

12 11 2006


Zebra - Kenya

Hrm, I always thought equids had foals, not calves…?

Zebra - DDR Zebra - Botswana Zebra - Zambia

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Photo of the day

21 09 2006


Wonderful photo of zebras at the Denver Zoo taken by Elaine at Five Acres With A View.

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