Another day, another RCMP scandal

12 08 2007

Surprisingly, this does not actually involve breaches of national security or lackluster police work:

Red-coated Mounties are no longer clip-clopping their black steeds freely around Parliament Hill, apparently after a mishap involving a hoof and a tourist’s foot.

It was either that or a nip that one of the horses took at a Mountie that has ended a colourful and popular tradition that dates back almost three decades, according to sources on the Hill.

Either way, the two retired horses from the force’s famed musical ride are now penned up in a corner beside another Parliament Hill landmark — a colony of stray cats beside Centre Block. Link

Btw, fans of the Mountie mystique might be interested in this: The Mountie: from Dime Novel to Disney by Michael Dawson, a chum of mine from grad school.

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3 responses

13 08 2007

Please! We should just ban flip-flop wearing tourists.

4 05 2008
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[…] Another day, another RCMP scandal […]

3 03 2009
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[…] Another day, another RCMP scandal […]

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