Five famous black horses

29 03 2007

1. The Black Stallion

Cass Ole as the Black Stallion (from Wiki)

The Black Stallion needs no introduction. The fiery hero of Walter Farley’s beloved books, he was portrayed by the Arab stallion Cass Ole in the movies. Generations of horse fanatics have devoured the stories and passed them on to their own children. There’s a Black Stallion blog, and be sure to check out The Black Stallion Literacy Project.

2. Black Hawk

Black Hawk

A grandson of Justin Morgan through Sherman Morgan, Black Hawk retired undefeated as a trotting horse and became a major influence on more than just the Morgan breed. Foaled in 1833, he was the first stallion in America to command a stud fee of $100.

Mr. Benjamin Thurston, of Lowell, who for several years, was the owner of Black Hawk, under whose training he was brought out on the trotting course, and by whom he was sold to Mr. Hill in 1847, thus speaks: ‘I bought Black Hawk when he was five years old; for six years used him as my family horse, and think him, without exception, the finest horse I ever knew… In the first place, he is the best roadster I ever drew a rein over. I have frequently driven him fifty miles in half a day, and once drove him sixty-three miles in seven hours and fifteen minutes. He did it with perfect ease, and indeed I never saw him fatigued…In the second place, he has the best disposition of any horse I ever knew, and is perfectly safe for any lady to ride or drive. Thirdly, he will draw as kindly as any team horse. His stock is unequalled.’. Link

Black Hawk’s blood is behind many Standardbreds and Saddlebreds, as well as about 80% of Morgans.

3. Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun was the Tennessee Walking Horse’s most influential sire. Foaled in 1940, he was World Grand Champion two years in a row before producing numerous world champion progeny. (He was also a descendant of Black Hawk)

4. Black Jack

Black Jack

The last of the Quartermaster-issue horses of the U.S. Army, Black Jack served in the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment’s (The Old Guard) Caisson Platoon. Although best-known as “the riderless horse” in President Kennedy’s funeral procession, he also participated in the state funerals of General MacArthur and Presidents Hoover and Johnson. After Black Jack’s death in 1976, he was cremated and laid to rest at Fort Myer, Virginia.

5. Black Bess

Black Bess

Black Bess was the trusty steed of the legendary highwayman Dick Turpin; he was said to have stolen her at gunpoint from a man named Mr. Major. However, she may have been a literary invention created over a hundred years after the real Turpin indulged in criminal sprees throughout England. Despite her master’s rapscallion ways, she was said to come from a good background:

If blood can give nobility
A noble steed was she;
Her sire was blood, and blood her dam,
And all her pedigree. Link

Honourable mentions: Goliath from Ladyhawke; that inexplicable horse in the cherry tree; Black Beauty; Pie from National Velvet.

(This post is part of //engtech’s Five Things contest/meme.)

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16 responses

29 03 2007

what about Black Beauty? 🙂 the Black Stallion is my favorite, can arabians get any “typier” these days?

29 03 2007

yes, the black stallion is my favorite as well. I also loved Pie from National Velvet.

17 05 2011

so do i
i like international velevet better though

1 04 2007

Burmese? She was a great black Canadian. The Queen cried when she died.

4 04 2007

What about the horse that was in the Antonio Bandaras movie Zoro. What a hunk he was!

15 04 2007
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23 04 2007
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[…] things” theme; what say you? Here are some examples of what I’m thinking of: Five famous black horses, Five breeds you’ve (probably) never heard of, and Five competitive equine world records. Some […]

25 04 2007
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[…] things” theme; what say you? Here are some examples of what I’m thinking of: Five famous black horses, Five breeds youve (probably) never heard of, and Five competitive equine world records. Some […]

31 07 2007

I didn;t realize there was a Black Bess, had them all but that one.

27 08 2007
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5 09 2007

Yeah! Go Black Hawk! ^^ Daniel Lambert played a good part in his time and he was a grandson of Black Hawk… but Daniel Lambert wasn’t black, hee hee 😛

14 05 2008

What about Ruffian!!!!

4 11 2009

In fiction, there is The Black Stallion, Black Beauty, Fury ( tv show ), Toronado ( Zorro’shorse ), and Black Fury ( comic books ). My favorite horses have always been the black stallions.

11 02 2010
Stephaine Lane

I think we have forgotten one of the absolute greatest black horses of all times: Bucephalus! =)

3 07 2011
The Black Stallion (1979) | Old Old Films

[…] […]

20 05 2012
Nancy P

Sunday Silence.

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