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5 05 2008

The elements

Isn’t that one of the most arresting horse photos you’ve ever seen? It was taken by Wojtek Kwiatkowski; see a bigger version here along with more of his fantastic work.

And, er, um, hi again. 🙂 Yeah, I’m back, and I do plan and sticking around for a bit this time; I’ve got several articles I’m researching at the moment, which will be posted in due course along with the usual drivel and filler. 😉 Might even be a book giveaway/contest in the future! It was gratifying to see that even while I was away, Bridlepath was still garnering several hundred (or more) hits a day; thank you all for reading it, adding it to your blogroll, telling your friends and so on. I’m catching up on updating my links, so if you asked for one, it will appear. Soon. Ish.

A few people have asked me about the header image I’m using. It’s The Horse Fair (1853-55) by French artist Rosa Bonheur. The full painting is below; click to embiggen.

So, now that I’m back…anything I should know about? What would you like to see more of? Less of?

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Bridal path

4 05 2008

A bride crosses a lake as she rides a horse during a photo shoot, in Shidu, southwest of Beijing Monday, April 28, 2008. A company is running group tours to the area for soon-to-be-married couples, to shoot their wedding photos in spectacular settings. Link

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Trash the dress?! Never!

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16 08 2007


Note the left boot still caught in the stirrup. Source

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Pic o’the day: while my pretty one sleeps

16 08 2007

Can’t link to it directly, but you should check out this lovely photo.

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Have you got a warrant?

12 06 2007

Whatever he was looking for, I hope he found it. 😉 Found here.

Bonus pic!

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Horse pyramid

Amish horses and carriages on Google Earth

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Ponies in the park

27 05 2007

ponies in the park, originally uploaded by *wanderlust*.



…and one donkey. Finder’s fee to raincoaster!


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Gorgeous horse photos at Óndago Arts Photo Blog

15 05 2007

Rescued mustang

Some talented equine photographers paid a visit to Redwings Horse Sanctuary recently and took some gorgeous pictures. Go check ’em out!

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29 04 2007

Riders on their horses are silhouetted during the horse show “Hommage Apassionata” in Malaga, southern Spain, April 28, 2007. Link

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Apassionata with Andalusian stallion



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Trash the dress?! Never!

10 04 2007

D20_0601 copy-E, originally uploaded by StudioVitae.

Check out this gorgeous series of photos by Steve Chesler. Link (thanks raincoaster!)

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“Motherhood” update

27 03 2007

pillowfoal revealed

Remember this? Nancy was kind enough to send me this explanatory clipping from Horse & Rider magazine. Farm link:

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The photography of Tim Flach

20 03 2007

Tim Flach’s homepage

Horse tongue

Two more pics after the jump.

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Pic of the day

15 03 2007

Found at Sharon Cobb’s Nashville blog: a dog (look closely!) sitting on the back of a Belgian.

Hamster cavalry training?

6 03 2007

Nope; French rider Olivier Garcia rides his horse Emir et Djugut inside a giant plastic bubble during training for the grand opening of the Stockholm International Horse Show at the Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. Link

Kaltenberger ritterturnier

4 03 2007

Click to enlarge:

Link and link (the latter is in English)

“One horsepower can give you the ride of your life”

25 02 2007

One horsepower can give you the ride of your life

Part of a series of advertising photos for an ad campaign for ATG, Swedish Horse Racing. Link (warning: lots of Flash)  (via Coolz0r)

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