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24 02 2007
New look and features « Bridlepath

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1 03 2007

It is good to see a blog set up for horse people.

31 07 2007

Great Site. Its very nice to see.

13 01 2010

It’s hard to find a good blog for horse lovers glad to find this one

13 01 2010

I have recently written a book called Real Horsemanship Promoting Ultimate Teamwork Between Horse and Rider. This book is different and I’m very proud of it. It’s based on four components Respect Equal Partners Affection and Loyalty.

14 11 2011

I am excited to have found this site as well.
I already set teh ‘linking up’ process in motion.
My blog: http://www.mindful-connections.com is very much in sync with Carole;s words above. How can we be our horses best partners and advocates? By hearing them, acknowledging their intelligence, and respecting them as equals. (Truth be told, I coninously work on becoming their equal!)

7 12 2011
vincent light house c

I like the white HORSE!

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