Hallowhinny, part four

31 10 2006

Mustang pumpkin

Happy Halloween! Found at Blinkers Off.

And then there was one

31 10 2006


Carl, left, and Sparky

One of the last two pit ponies has died, aged 29. The Welsh pony, called Carl, retired from Ellington Colliery, in Northumberland, in 1994 and was being cared for by the National Coal Mining Museum, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

The museum said: “Carl will be sorely missed as he was loved by all who met him. That leaves only Sparky. He is 35 years old.” More than 70,000 horses worked in the mines 100 years ago but by 1994 there were fewer than 20. (Link)

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The Each-Uisge

31 10 2006


Illustration from Paranormal Animals of Europe via SixthWorld Wiki

The Each-Uisge is a supernatural horse believed to lurk near bodies of water in Scotland. More at I Gallop On and Mysterious Britain.

Clydesdales celebrated in song

30 10 2006

MusicScotland offers a collection of songs on the specific subject of the ‘gentle giants’ — Clydesdale horses — sadly no longer part of the rural scene.

The project is produced by Robin Laing and consists of previously recorded songs plus others specially recorded and engineered by Davie Scott for the project.

Use your illusion II

30 10 2006


Garbage dumping injures horses

30 10 2006

God, how ignorant can people be?! Four horses in Wiltshire (UK) were injured after a riding school paddock was used as a rubbish dump; staff found a two-seater sofa, an armchair and planks of wood with embedded nails in one of their fields. (Link)

Black-eyed kids

29 10 2006

Sorry for not updating more; I’ve got a few more horse stories for you, but they’re not quite ready yet. I hope this creepy classic will tide you over in the meantime: Black-eyed kids, Black-eyed kids FAQ.

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