Last American slaughter plant closes in Illinois

30 05 2007

The state with the nation’s last operating horse slaughterhouse made it illegal to kill the animals for human consumption on Thursday.

Gov. Rod Blagojevich said he was proud to sign the law, calling it “past time to stop slaughtering horses in Illinois.” A slaughterhouse in DeKalb has been shipping horse meat overseas, where it is sold for people to eat. The practice has outraged people who feel horses are more like pets than livestock. A phone call to Cavel International’s plant went unanswered Thursday evening.

Two other horse slaughter plants in Texas were shut down this year.

Illinois lawmakers passed the ban after an appeal from actress Bo Derek. In a statement, she applauded the move. Link

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Using horses to predict earthquakes

30 05 2007

China tomb horses, originally uploaded by mharrsch.

Chinese officials believe animals can be used to predict earthquakes, and are setting up a monitoring station at a wildlife park that will use more than 50 horses.

The station, in southwestern Beijing, will use birds and animals as sensors.

News agencies report that the station will use more than 50 horses, as well as donkeys, peacocks, snakes, turtles, frogs, deer and other animals. In all, more than 10,000 birds and animals live in the 240-hectare wildlife reserve where the station will be based.

A senior zoo keeper will monitor animal behaviour each day and report into China’s seismological bureau.

Officials believe the animals are likely to demonstrate unusual behaviour in the lead-up to an earthquake.

The park is reportedly located near a faultline.

A zoo in Guangdong Province is also said to be using animals to predict quakes. Link

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Moscow monument

30 05 2007

This rather arresting art appeared in Moscow recently as a tribute to the writer Michail Sholokhov; no idea who the artist is. Link with more photos.

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Equine veterans

27 05 2007

Happy Memorial Day weekend to our American friends! Chris at Real Horses Weigh A Ton has a great post on Robert E. Lee’s horse Traveller to mark the occasion.

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Ponies in the park

27 05 2007

ponies in the park, originally uploaded by *wanderlust*.



…and one donkey. Finder’s fee to raincoaster!


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Kinetic horse sculpture

24 05 2007

Thanks to raincoaster for finding the coolest stuff!

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Bridlepath becomes a yearling!

24 05 2007


Image source

Yes, just over a year ago I moved the horsey posts from my now-moribund Defrost Indoors blog to their own site, thus creating Bridlepath and ensuring that even fewer of my free hours would be spent away from the computer.

The story so far…

Total Views: 92,197

Best Day Ever: 1,322

Posts: 588

Comments: 1,085

Number of nuked comment spams: 18,862

Technorati stats: authority of 95 100, rank 48,659 47,025, with 349 352 363 links from other blogs, and 14 fans who have added it to their favourites list. (Stats updated June 4/07)

Currently I’m crunching some stats so I can determine what my most popular posts have been, though I already have an inkling. 😉 I’ve gotten to know a lot of awesome people, and there are too many of you to thank, but I’m sure you know who you are and how much I appreciate you. 🙂 I’m grateful that this little hobby of mine has garnered such a readership, and I hope to continue bringing y’all the most interesting equine news and information out there.


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