Suspension for jockey who kicked his horse

28 06 2007

From the Associated Press via

A jockey who kicked his horse in the stomach before a race was suspended for 30 days and fined $1,000 by Philadelphia Park officials on Monday.

The decision against veteran jockey Victor Molina came three days after his 40-minute disciplinary hearing for kicking 2-year-old colt Yes Yes Ohyes. Molina, a 27-year veteran who’s been racing at Philadelphia Park since 1988, hoped for only a fine and was surprised by the severity of the penalties issued by the track’s stewards.

“The kick wasn’t what I’m about,” Molina said by phone. “The penalty doesn’t warrant what I did. I got punished a little harder than other ones. I think most people around the track, if you asked them, would say it was a little too harsh. People in the industry wouldn’t judge me the way I’ve been judged.”

Molina’s agent, David Yannuzzy, said he was considering an appeal. The suspension was retroactive to June 19 — the day after Molina was ejected from the park — and continues to July 18. Yannuzzy blamed the officials for overreacting because Molina’s kick was simulcast to tracks around the country and was live on racing channel TVG, prompting fans who saw the act to call the track and complain.

“They felt the people pulling the slots would be upset if he didn’t get enough time,” Yannuzzy said. “This is not the first time horses have been hit by jockeys at races. Every time it’s a $250 fine. That’s it. But they said, ‘Oh, we had all these hits on e-mail and TV.'”

Messages left at Philadelphia Park for track officials were not immediately returned, and a spokesman said the stewards had been asked not to comment on the decision.

Molina said the feisty horse flipped in the starting gate last Monday and his head struck the jockey flush in the chest. Molina’s chest went numb and he lost his cool.

Once Yes Yes Ohyes was scratched from the race, Molina removed the saddle and kicked the colt’s belly. Molina said the pain and threat of injury triggered his temper.

“I know there’s been a lot of attention because it was on TV,” Molina said. “I’m not trying to justify it. I shouldn’t have done what I did. Did I hurt the horse? Did I try and hurt the horse? That’s not what I did.”

The colt was gelded last week.

Molina has apologized to the owners, track officials and fans, and volunteered to talk to the media to show his remorse. Molina said he was he embarrassed that the kick stained what was a virtually unblemished reputation and record.

“I would have hoped they took into consideration my record and everything else,” he said. “To say people aren’t going to come and bet because I kicked a horse, that’s not going to happen. I’m sorry. I feel bad about it.”

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Meet Eclyse

28 06 2007


This gorgeous zorse lives at a safari park at Schloss Holte Stukenbrock, near the German border with Holland, where she has her own enclosure. How she came about

(Hat tip to raincoaster!)

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Faces of war

21 06 2007

Horses wearing experimental gas masks

Image source

I stumbled across a compelling photo (below) and some great links at we make money not art, exploring the history of gas masks for animals in wartime.

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Next Horse Lovers Blog Carnival will be at the end of July

21 06 2007

Joys of Water, originally uploaded by sagetopaz.

Herewith, an announcement from chief carny Mona at HorseApproved:

I just wanted to announce that we will not be having the Horse Lovers Blog Carnival this month. I am going to try and regroup for next months carnival and give it more attention than I have these past months.

The next carnival will be at the end of July.

Start working on those submissions NOW, and we’ll keep you updated as to the host and theme (if any).

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You worry me sometimes

20 06 2007

Here are some of the search terms people used to find Bridlepath:

equestrian riders dirty tight

can you kick a shetland pony to death?

women who love using whips

Ugly American Saddlebred

stalion mounts

naked horse ride

sexual intercourse

Who are all the people looking for pictures and videos of horses mating? And why would they think I’d have them?

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20 06 2007

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Police detain horse over stolen car

20 06 2007

A horse was detained by police today over the theft of a vehicle in South Africa’s sprawling Soweto township.

“We have apprehended a horse and two suspects for being in possession of a suspected stolen vehicle,” police spokeswoman Captain Lindiwe Mbatha said.

“Cops patrolling the township pulled over a cart carrying a stripped body of a brand new car, a Corolla Conquest, suspected to have been stolen.

“The cart was drawn by a horse with two suspects on board. They were locked for being in possession of a suspected stolen vehicle and will appear in court within 48 hours,” Capt Mbatha said. Read more (via Fark and the redoubtable raincoaster)

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