They did it again

20 11 2006

Clayton the clone

This photo provided by ViaGen shows the cloned horse Clayton with owner barrel racer champion Charmayne James near Boerne, Texas, Nov. 1, 2006. Clayton is the clone of James’ gelding Scamper, the retired 10-time world champion. James paid an Austin-based company $150,000 (US) to clone Scamper.

If you could clone a horse, would you? And if so, which horse? If we could get Figure back à la Jurassic Park I’d be all for it myself. 😉



3 responses

21 11 2006

I get an uneasy feeling when it comes to cloning, anything. It is unnatural. It is not natures way. I think it should be left alone.

22 02 2007

Yes, I would definately clone some horses if I could afford to.

3 03 2009

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