Oh man, I am in LOVE

16 08 2007

with Fugly Horse of the Day:

This blog exists to object publicly to the breeding of fugly, often mixed breed horses which tend to have short, miserable lives and wind up in slaughterhouses. If you are not going to breed quality, don’t breed at all. It is not “cute” to have a cowhocked, knock kneed, fugly draft/QH/warmblood cross foal that you don’t do shit with and then dump for $150 at a killer auction as an unhandled two year old that runs people over. I see it ALL the time and I am SICK of it. If you do this, YOU SUCK. And that’s why I’m online bitching about you. Stop breeding the fugly, folks. There is no market for it. And if you don’t know what fugly is, read this blog and learn. My e-mail is resqtb@yahoo.com and I am usually way behind on e-mail, so don’t be offended if you do not get a response right away.

Another advocate of RESPONSIBLE breeding, hooray! Sometimes cruel but always on target. Go bookmark it NOW. (Found via Carinya Park)

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4 responses

16 08 2007

Great! Can we start a version for humans?

17 08 2007

You could start a new tag category for it on raincoaster.com.

11 04 2008

She has a great blog! Thanks for bringing it up:)

29 10 2008
Barbara Beard

Fugly is wonderful. Another blog that addresses the current hopes and dangers for the American horse community is http://www.delcaminoequestrian.com/wordpress

Anyone with an equine lifestyle, or equine business should visit.

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