World’s largest horses

30 05 2006

Morocco, 21.2h

Morocco, Percheron/Arab cross, 21.2h

(The world’s smallest horse is here)

How big can a horse get?! Well, here’s your answer. 😉 Morocco, shown at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, measured 21.2 hands (7’2″ or 2.18m) and weighed 2835 pounds, while a Shire named Samson (alive sometime during the 1850s) weighed in at 21.2-1/2h and 3360 pounds. According to the Guinness Book, the current record holder is Priefert’s Radar, a Belgian gelding standing 19.3-1/2 hands (that’s 6’7-1/2″ or just over 2.01m) and weighing 2400 pounds. Aren’t you glad these animals are herbivores?! More info is available at Rural Heritage.

Priefert's Radar

Priefert’s Radar, Belgian gelding, 19.3-1/2h

Update: there may be a challenger to the title! Link via BoingBoing.

Update 2007-03-14: Article and video of Radar at the *cough* Daily Mail.




41 responses

3 06 2006

Woweee I love that Belgian 😀

21 03 2016
carol england

wow can you imagine the size / output of the poop you’d have to clean up PLUS the amount of feed OMG. And wormers!!! Three wormers per horse. Yikes!

9 06 2006

I try to imagine what picking out their feet must be like–like holding a soup bowl! 😉

24 04 2011

Yeah try trimming their feet…they’re as heavy as bowling balls…I have one percheron that’s 18.3 hh; another that’s 18 hh and a 17.2 TB and little morgan and little rescue stallion. it makes trimming the smaller horses a picnic.

30 06 2006

And the worlds smallest is only 18.5″ high – compared to these giants of over 6′!

Phil Tragear

29 07 2006

OK, why are so many people Googling for “world’s largest horses”? Not that I’m complaining, I’m just curious. 🙂

9 08 2006
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11 10 2006
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6 02 2007

Interestingly the photo you show at the top has always been attributed as “A Percheron called Dr. Le Gear attained 21 hands and 3,940 pounds. (1903) ” in every other publication I can find. Does this mean maybe that the horse was really called Morocco and maybe the owner was Dr Le Gear??

6 02 2007

Viv, that’s a good question! I found the photo here:
It’s not uncommon for a horse to have its owner’s name: Justin Morgan and his son the Woodbury Morgan, Beautiful Jim Key, etc.

28 02 2007
Jannelle Hudelson

*speachless* i dont know how in the world a horse can get that big. They are gorgeous…. I want a horse like taht.. it would be my baby for ever! I am litterally amazed….. wow

3 04 2007
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[…] the highest jump achieved is eight feet, two inches (2.47 metres, or about 18 inches over Radar’s withers) by Huaso and Captain Alberton Larraguibel Morales of Chile. The record was at Vina […]

11 05 2007
World's tallest horse (now on video) « Bridlepath

[…] According to the Guinness Book, the current record holder is Priefert’s Radar, a Belgian gelding standing 19.3-1/2 hands (that’s 6′7-1/2″ or just over 2.01m) and weighing 2400 pounds. More on Radar […]

1 06 2007

i’d hate to get stepped on by one of those guys..

27 07 2007

I saw this in the paper this morning.

And to think, just a few months ago I NEARLY owned a 19.3 Clydesdale gelding…!!

30 08 2007
You’ve been asking, so here they are « Bridlepath

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31 08 2007

wow he is amazing how did he get so big i would love to be galloping around on him.

6 10 2007

I’ve seen bigger Clydesdale’s

1 11 2007

What a beautiful Belgian, Draft Horses are so pretty.

8 01 2008

my mom says it is realy fun to ride big horses. i wouldn’t know because ziggy died before i finnished learning. is it.

6 02 2008

His name sin’t Radar it’s Samson. I saw him at the southfloridafair. He si 19 hands hight he’s a Belgian gelding the horses of his kind are not that big he’s he biggest horse IN THE WORLD!!! I cant beleive i saw him in person and also CarlsosX you can’t have seen a bigger Clydesdale its IMPOSSIBLE plain and simply IMPOSSIBLE. iM not trying to be mean its just a fact if u saw him in person like i did you would know

6 02 2008

sorry guys in my comments above the first word thats misspelled is supposed 2 be isn’t then the 2nd word misspelled is is 3rd is high just wanted to let everyone know

27 02 2008
bob hedmark

hi i have a belgan gelding that stands right at 20 hands and weights 2600lb s he is coming 10 yrs old this summer we hope to have him weighing close to 2850lbs we are going to take him to the national belgan show in september
in indianapolis to challenge radar for the worlds tallest this horse is huge
bob hedmark

2 04 2008

I love huge horses, they are my favourite to ride, i just personally wounder how much a year these must eat!!!:O

2 08 2008

Wow! What a horse!

20 08 2008

wow what a horse!! i have a Clydsale named Cammie and she isnt NEARLY that big!!

27 08 2008

Ok i just bought a HUGE Percheron at an auction. The poor thing is malnurished (thats the reason i bought him) HE WAS ONLY 18K!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!!! awsome!!!!!!

14 09 2008

Radar is gorgeous. I took my kids to see him last night at the local Orschelns’ store. He’s huge! My two-year-old- son thought it was the neatest thing he’d ever seen. If you ever get a chance to see Radar, do it. It was really fun.

They said he eats 18 pounds of grain per day and drinks 20 gallons of water per day. I can’t remember how much hay they said he eats as well.

And by the way, the horse’s name really is Radar, not samson. Someone who posted that must have seen a different horse.

28 09 2008

PIcking their feret would be like holdong a 20lb dinnerplate!

28 09 2008

i think he eats 40lbs or hay

15 10 2008
Nicole Rocks


15 11 2008

Hollie Cow they r bigg but ther is one in Australia that is 20.1 hh
and is a Percherone
im not sure how to spell it but anyways they get HUGE lol

12 10 2009

Southurn Rose Buggy Tours has Duke. Duke is a Belgian draft that ways about 2650 and is 19 and 3/4 hands tall. Check out the website at

12 10 2009


16 02 2010

Love it much!!!! My darlin Golden Nugget is only a itty bitty pony next to those hulking hunks but he can sure hold his own in the gorgeous category. lol anybody wanna trade pics with me? He looks a bit like a mini Radar but with a white star on his forehead.

1 07 2010

thats a huge horse

12 09 2011
robbie moffett

Big Horse Alright.

12 09 2011
rob roy

Oh. i wouldn’t say that. I’ve seen bigger

21 09 2011
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21 03 2016
carol england

laughing my head off because I have a huge Belgian and huge black Percheron as well. No fun to trim their feet.

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