Brindle horses

27 12 2006

FRS Reckless Dan

FRS Reckless Dan, 1997 AQHA stallion

Some horses eschew spots and go straight for the striped look instead. According to Sharon Batteate, The Brindle pattern consists of a watery or drippy looking striping (sometimes just partial striping) over the body of an animal. It is more commonly seen in dogs or cattle. In horses, the pattern is extremely rare. Brindle has occurred in such diverse breeds as Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Mustangs, Quarter Horses, Tennessee Walking Horses, German and Bavarian Warmbloods, Russian Horses, Spanish Horses, and also in Donkeys and Mules.

Regardless of where it comes from, it’s unique and gorgeous.

Dunbar's Gold

Dunbar’s Gold, 1996 AQHA stallion

Further reading

Sharon Batteate’s Brindle Horses website got the ball rolling several years ago, and still contains the most up-to-date information; lots of great photos too.

Brindle and Striped Equine International is a registry aiming to protect and promote these horses.

Article by Don Blazer at Equiworld.

Article by Jayne Pedigo at Equisearch.




28 responses

29 12 2006

wow, I have never laid eyes on a horses this patterned in my life. How cool!

29 12 2006

Brindle has always been my favorite colouration on dogs, but I had no idea there were brindle horses. How do the breed associations handle it? In my experience, anything they’ve not specifically included is out. I knew a gorgeous Thoroughbred mare who was tossed out, although there was zero question she was purebred. Still, she made a great Pinto.

5 02 2007

Wow, me either. I had never heard of such a thing, how amazing.

18 02 2007
Janey Loree

I just learned something new!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Mustang ‘n’ Cowboys. I look forward to the ALL THINGS EQUINE CARNIVAL over at MiKael’s!!

21 02 2007

Well I have seen everything now. That is incredable. We breed paints and pintos and did not even know about brindles. Will definatly be reading more about them.

22 02 2007

Don–I haven’t heard of it cropping up in ponies, but you never know.

Rain–I’d imagine it would get entered on the registration certificate under the markings section. As for the spotty TBs, they’re becoming more common and well-known. Must do a post on that soon…

23 02 2007
Starving horses were part of an unusual breeding program « Bridlepath

[…] ongoing Aussie drought for the horses’ condition. Apparently she was trying to breed for the brindle pattern using progeny of the unusual Thoroughbred stallion Catch A Bird. Although she will likely lose her […]

8 04 2007

I have never seen a horse of this colour and particularly like the first one.

I have recently been reading a horse book, The Nature of Horses, which includes a section on colour genetics. I am still trying to understand some of the different variations including some I’d not heard of before. This did not mention brindle!

This has obviously raised my interest in horse colours as I noticed an article on the UK’s first coloured thoroughbred foal. See the following website Horsetalk.

30 04 2007
The science of spots « Bridlepath

[…] Brindle horses […]

2 05 2007

Reckless Dan’s shoulder and front pasterns look a little too upright to me, but maybe it’s just the photo.

Karen, is that the Budiansky book? It’s fantastic but his colour genetics are a bit out of date; there’s no “dominant white” gene, at least not the way he describes it. The most up-to-date info is actually online, as there have been a lot of research breakthroughs recently and publishing has such a long turnaround time that it doesn’t necessarily reflect current thinking. Even Sponenberg’s latest is a bit behind the times.

24 05 2007

Yes – I have been reading the Budiansky book but have found some different info on the web as you advised. It’s all pretty complicated.

I agree with your comments about Reckless Dan’s conformation but really liked his unusual colouring.

4 06 2007
Top posts, 2007-06-04 « Bridlepath

[…] Brindle horses […]

7 07 2007

I want one

19 08 2007
Brindle filly « Bridlepath

[…] I noticed this stripey girl at Heaven Can Wait equine rescue. Not much is known about her except that she’s a Standardbred cross, 1.5 years old and in need of some TLC. (”But Defrost, what’s a brindle horse?”) […]

28 01 2008
oregon horse property

I have not read the books but the grey horse at the op of the page is GORGEOUS!

24 11 2008
J. Sharon Batteate

Brindle Horse site has moved

Dear webhost:

If on your webpage you have linked to my AOL webpage (, I am sorry to say that AOL has cancelled their webpage services. I’ve had my page there for 11 + years with links to it from all over the world.

The Brindle Horses website address has changed, and AOL has not provided forwarding links to the geocities site, so please make the appropriate change on your site for Brindle Horses to:

Thank you,
J. Sharon Batteate

3 03 2009
17 07 2009

I first heard about Brindles in a book called Riding Lessons. It’s a really good fiction novel, actually….
Anyway, I’ve loved these horses ever since and have dreamed of owning one for a long time.

17 07 2009

They’re very, very, rare though

15 01 2010

The purpose of this post is to inform you of the American Brindle Equine Association, a registry that has been formed to document, record, preserve, and promote the brindle characteristic in horses, donkeys, and mules. Horses, donkeys, and mules of all sizes are accepted by this registry including ponies and miniatures. No equine exhibiting zebra breeding will be registered with the ABEA, however chimeric and mosaic horses shall be accepted so long as they possess a brindle pattern.

Thank you for your time.
Kay Isaac

12 08 2010
Jennifer Thomas

I have a dam seal brown horse, how could I breed her to get a brindal color? She has 4 white socks and white diamond on her head. I have try all things to find out how this could work. Please let me know if have any ideas!!
Thank you

21 09 2013
rebekah king

I have a yearling filly that is bridling on her right side. can she be registered in any kind of registry? She is a liver color with dark brindle on her right side

17 04 2014
18 04 2014
10 05 2014
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