Mini shoes for mini helpers

30 03 2007

Mare Jordan

Check out the cute little sneakers, boots and slippers designed for miniature horses used as guide animals for the blind. Shown above: “Mare Jordan“.

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7 responses

30 03 2007

Please can someone enlighten me as to why (on earth) you would put shoes on a horse.

30 03 2007

You mean horse shoes or any shoes? To protect their feet. Horses’ hooves are made out of a material similar to your fingernails and are constantly growing. “Regular” horses (ridable/drivable ones) wear shoes to protect the feet from the stresses added when bearing or pulling weight. Minis used as guide animals would need them because they’d spend a lot of time walking on concrete, pavement, hard floors etc. and these little sneakers would protect their feet from that and also aid in shock absorption. Regular metal horseshoes would damage floors, and it’s probably be pretty hard trying to nail them on.

Not all horses need shoes, btw; if a horse has particularly good, tough feet it can go barefoot even if it’s being ridden or driven hard.

30 03 2007

OK thank you. I understand normal (horse) shoes, I was just having a hard time picturing sneakers on a horse.

30 03 2007

You’re welcome. 🙂 You can have sneakerish things for big horses too; check out Karen’s EasyCare & Endurance Musings in the blogroll.

4 06 2007
Thumbelina honoured for her charity work « Bridlepath

[…] Mini shoes for mini helpers […]

6 08 2008
Carol Lighthill

I have several mini horses and want to train them for therapy work. I am however finding it hard to locate the sneakers needed. Please send me some websites. Thanks.

1 09 2009
Cathy Triplett

I would like to find shoes for my mini

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