“Yuppified” Marshfield Pub in UK bans regular pony patron

16 10 2006

Morning MistEverything changes, for better or worse. Case in point: A happy little country pub in Marshfield, near Cardiff and Newport, was home to locals in need of liquid refreshment and a place to commiserate together.

Now the new landlord of a pub has banned one of the pub regulars, a two-year-old pony named Morning Mist.

The old grey mare [eh? she’s only two! ed.] was apparently a devotee of John Smiths beer, and was a regular customer at the Port O’Call pub along with owner Tony Manton.

Yuppie newfangled bar owners Graham Wheatley and Craig Thomas took over the pub, the mare named Morning Mist was subsequently given the “Tara Reid” treatment and denied entry based on the grounds of health and safety.

Understandably, Manton, 62, bemoans the drastic changes at his old watering hole pub. “I don’t blame them for what they are doing but it’s becoming a ‘yuppie’ pub. Not only have they done away with the pony, but they have got rid of the bar stools and tables and brought in settees and the like.

“It’s no longer one of your traditional country pubs.”

He added: “I only took the pony in for a laugh one day when I was trying to get her used to traffic and people but it proved to be popular with the locals.

“She liked to drink John Smiths. I occasionally give her a can of John Smiths now but I don’t suppose it’s the same for her.”

New owner and equine killjoy Wheatley countered: “With the previous owner, when you opened the door to the pub you were confronted by a horse’s backside.

“When you are trying to serve fresh, good food, it’s the last thing you want to see. Ponies are for paddocks and fields, not for pubs.”

He added: “I have no problem with Manton bringing the pony down as long as he leaves it tied outside.”

Perhaps John Smiths Beer company will enlist the mare named Morning Mist in an advert campaign touting the irresistible flavor of their product, Americans are horse-mad and would like learn more about the brand that ponies quaff after a long day in the fields.


The BBC also reports “Earlier this month, Tyneside pub landlady Jackie Gray, who had taken over the Alexandra Hotel in Jarrow, said she was shocked when a carthorse called Peggy joined owner Peter Dolan for a pint. The horse had been drinking at the pub for 12 years.”

GOD, I love the British (and I’m not just saying that because I live with a bloke from Banbury…)



3 responses

17 10 2006
I Gallop On

Well, I think that’s just terrible. I’m all for beer drinking ponies bellying up to the bar. 😉


18 10 2006

Brits are barking mad! Some Brits told me that once and they also called me the Good American so it’s ok for me to say so.

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