Wild horse news

10 01 2007

wild spanish horses, originally uploaded by candyonthebeach.

Researchers at the University of Nevada are tracking a female mountain lion believed to be preying on wild horses…

Shredded Christmas trees are being used to help a herd of Koniks in Kent

A roundup of wild horses is underway in Sweetwater County, Wyoming; the horses will be available for adoption through the BLM

The Wild Horses of Alberta Society is offering a reward for information leading to the scumbucket shooter of three wild horses west of Sundre…





2 responses

10 01 2007

oh my, beautiful picture!

whoever shot those wild horses deserves a bullet right between their own eyes………

12 01 2007

Poor horses :(. By the way, thanks for adding Horse Approved to your blog roll. I love you blog and plan to add it to my Horse Approved blog list. Keep up the great work here.

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